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About Pamela

It all started with the love for our home. My husband and I began searching for a new house for our growing family. I initially wanted a newly constructed or renovated two-story house, but after searching for over a year, we found an Eichler. I fell in love with it as soon as I walked in the front door. Although it was very different than what I had originally wanted, I immediately saw the potential and had a vision of how we could make it our own.

From layout to finishes, I knew exactly what I wanted so I decided to design and remodel the whole house myself. Step by step, room by room, I began to see my visions come alive. Friends, colleagues, neighbors, and complete strangers who knocked on our door to see our home hired me to design their homes. Watching my clients feel the same joy I had in transforming my own home, I realized I had found my passion. I resigned from my senior project manager position at Google for my dream career and haven’t looked back since. My work was featured in Dwell, HGTV, Houzz, Design Milk and other sources, and the list of clients continued to grow.  I was so honored to be chosen as the lead designer to assist Property Brothers' Jonathan Scott in his winning transformation of a fixer upper into a modern eco-chic home in HGTV Brother Vs. Brother Season 6! Look for me in the show - Brother Vs. Brother Season 6 in San Francisco.

With an interior design certification and experiences in hundreds of actual projects, BA in psychology, and an extensive project management background, I have an adept ability to interpret and communicate clients’ wishes and requirements, and implement them into functional cohesive designs. Being a mother of two and a homeowner who has gone through remodeling and designing her own home, I can relate to having a budget and I provide perspectives that are practical. I guide my clients to discover their styles and help them visualize the designs through drawings and custom image boards. I help to simplify an otherwise overwhelming process and avoid costly mistakes. Through a collaborative effort with my clients, we create homes that are a true reflection of their personalities and lifestyles.

I love what I do. I care about all my clients and I take all the projects to heart. My goal is to have my clients love their homes as much as I love mine.  

Design Perspective

I find beauty and appreciation in many aesthetics. Design is ever-changing and my style is constantly evolving. I love mixing modern with classics and vintages. I believe modern doesn’t have to feel sterile. I am not afraid to use black or white, and all the colors in between. I like to add warmth to a space by infusing a bit of color and whimsy, and combining different textures and patterns. I am drawn to natural light and I believe a space that flows brings energy. I like bits of unexpected elements and making them look and feel effortless. I like having fun with design and not following the rules all the time. I love coming up with creative ideas to solve a design challenge. I believe design can be elegant and enduring regardless of budget. Striking that perfect balance between beauty and functionality makes me happy. I am passionate about creating elevated spaces that feel personal, uplifting, and inspiring.